Drugrehab in South Africa
Drug Rehab SA: Affordable Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Who We Are

Drug Rehab SA is an affordable drug and alcohol rehabilitation center , that offers an awesome above average facility, at affordable costs , offering your the love, care and treatment in drug and alcohol free rehabilitation environment.

We are not a prison...

Unlike some rehabs, Drug Rehab SA, we believe that you need to be treated with dignity and respect , we will help and guide you in your recovery using the 12 step Minnesota program. Let our love, care and professional staff heal you from this disease.

Welcome to the family DrugRehabSA


DrugRehabSA is proud to have partnered with the successful A Way Out Addiction Treatment Centre , We look forward to incorporating their ideas and methodology , Drug Rehab SA , will provide you with top class treatment, that would suite your pocket. Drug Rehab SA is about you and helping you to a Drug Free Life.



......our rural environment provides safety and tranquility
to restore harmony and humanness to persons affected by this illness


Our Ideas

south africa rainbow nation We are not any rehab

Our Mission is to offer you affordable ,professional and personal help in restoring the balance of the mind and the body to people with addiction and other related disorders.

drug rehab values Our Values:

Our Values:

  • Teamwork
  • Re-building...
  • Restoring family...
  • Development...
  • Creating a tranquil...
drug rehab can help Why Drug Rehab SA

You ask yourself the question, why must I send my loved one to Drug Rehab SA?


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Drug Rehab SA has sourced an external company that can assist with payment terms

First health finance


With FHF, the truly have affordable and flexible payment plans.

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  • Email: admin@drugrehabsa.co.za